Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How Much Is That Miley In The Window

I had to miss a screening of Isn't It Romantic (watch the trailer here) last night because my boyfriend's got a bad cold and I had to take care of him -- so the answer to the question is yes, yes I am romantic -- but that's okay because apparently Liam Hemsworth himself was also sick and missed the premiere last night. You guys... has Liam Hemsworth been my boyfriend all this time and I just... never noticed? Even more existentially troubling -- does that mean I have been Miley Cyrus all this time and never noticed? Now I'm afraid to look in a mirror - what if Miley is looking back at me? Z'omigod.

Anyway under the umbrella of "less disturbing things I could be talking about" we have the trailer for another Rebel Wilson movie, this one with Anne Hathaway, getting dropped today -- click on over to The Film Experience where I posted the thing. Now I am going to walk slowly towards the nearest mirror and see if anything makes any sense any more...

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