Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #178

Did any of you see last year's Peter Dinklage & Elle Fanning end-o-the-world tale I Think We're Alone Now? I was going through my list of all the movies I watched last year and realized I never reviewed it -- pretty sure I dumbly watched it during the New York Film Festival, and nothing gets written up during NYFF that's not NYFF -- which is a shame, because I remember liking it well enough. 

Of course my main memory is the fact that an entire sub-plot of the film involves Peter Dinklage taking refuge in a gorgeous mid-century library building, so perhaps my enthusiasm was baited. Finally a movie for people like us! Movies always have characters taking up their post-apocalyptic residences inside a supermarket or a fancy condo but you'd better believe if I found myself the last man on earth I'd knock down the door the the Morgan Library, throw a pile of mattresses on the floor, and snuggle up with a stack of centuries old hardcovers. Where would you hole up for Armageddon?

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