Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Good Morning, World

The Oscar-wannabe Mary Queen of Scots hits blu-ray today and so I figured I'd go looking for some of its queer king Jack Lowden to post -- recall we awarded him with one of our "Great Gratuities" last week for that movie -- but it turns out there ain't much to find. These gifs are from the 2014 WWI miniseries called The Passing Bells but I have to believe there's more than this hint of shoulder out there in the world? Right? He's only been acting since 2010, so we'll give him some time. He's re-teaming with Dunkirk co-star Tom Hardy in Fonzo, the Al Capone flick, and he's doing what sounds like a gothic horror flick called Corvidae with Fiona Shaw and also-crush Edward Holcroft for 2020... let's get them boys in a small sweaty room together and see what happens! You can follow Jack on Instagram here; and see more that we've posted of him here.

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