Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Good Morning, Great Gratuity #3

What a happy surprise the gay stuff was in Mary Queen of Scots, right? Well it was a happy surprise if you already saw the film -- if you haven't... surprise! There's gay stuff in MQOS! It involves sexy ass Jack Lowden as Mary's drunken husband Henry and sexy ass Ismael Cruz Cordova as David Rizzio, her "private secretary" and, according to the film, lady-in-waiting. You can read some about Rizzo at this link if you want real history.
The film got some shit from both sides for its portrayal of this relationship -- right-leaning folks (although who really gives a shit what those people think) thought this was Hollywood cramming queerness in where it didn't belong (along with the film's aim at girl-powering up the dynamic between Mary & Elizabeth). Meanwhile some of the more liberally minded out there were put off by what happens to all the gays in this story (another spoiler alert -- it does not go well for any of them).
Personally the queer content was my favorite part of the film, and not just because these two are piping fresh -- telling queer stories inside of Historical Dramas is pretty goddamned important from where I stand watching entire ignorant sections of our population think gay people sprang fully formed out from the center of a flower wreath in San Francisco in 1969. We're here and queer, sure, but we were queer there too. More of this, please.


Paul Brownsey said...

Haven't seen it, but from what I've read Rizzio is depicted not only as bisexual but, in his gay half, dressing up in ladies' garments. Do YOU dress up in ladies' garments? Isn't this the old gays-think-they're-ladies nonsense?

Jason Adams said...

I mean I don't have a lot of interest in debating a movie with someone who hasn't seen it, but there are gay characters who don't dress up in women's clothes in it too, and they are plenty butch so your masculinity won't feel threatened.

Paul Brownsey said...

It isn't a matter of my masculinity being threatened. (Why do people always descend to the psychiatric?)

Ben said...

I have been waiting for so very long for someone to screen-cap Lowden's topless scenes in this film. The saints will remember you in heaven, sir.