Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Good Morning, Great Gratuity #5

Aaron Altaras, as the closeted soccer player Leon who becomes first a roommate and then a fuck-buddy and then maybe more to Mario (Max Hubacher) in last year's sad romance slash sports-film Mario, was one of those pops off the screen discoveries...

... so let's hope that he keeps up this acting thing. Terrifyingly his IMDb page has nothing listed as coming up, but IMDb isn't great about listing upcoming projects for foreign actors half the time so here's to hoping Aaron is plenty busy coming to a screen near us. See plenty more of him right here, and read our review of this movie here. Oh and in summation GOOD GRIEF:


Ryan T. said...

Yes! He is so hot.

And the movie is pretty good! I think what helps is that the whole thing did feel very lowkey but didn't skimp on the lead's chemistry. I just found them together very appealing.

Adrian C said...

what a nice butt he has, iloved that they even addressed that in the movie.
however, whereas i get what they were trying accomplish (and they did), i really disliked the ending. especially cause i really liked their relationship, it was sexy and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Good job Sir. Just saw this on Amazon Prime. That ass literally had me pausing the movie and going back multiple times to check all the receipts. I mean look at it!!!!!