Friday, February 08, 2019

Géza Röhrig Five Times

The Son of Saul star has a wonderful new movie out today, one I have been yammering about for a full 12 months at this point -- To Dust, starring him alongside Matthew Broderick, is now in theaters in NY and LA, and I can't recommend it any more. Seriously -- I have recommended it so much at this point I can't do more! It's up to y'all now. Here is my review from last year's Tribeca. Here is a piece I wrote a couple of days ago on the film's handling of grief. I posted the trailer right here. Oh and Géza will be doing some Q&As here in New York this weekend (as will the film's producers Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer, and the films' writer-director Shawn Snyder) -- find that info right here. Okay I've done my part! Hit the jump for a few more pictures of the handsome Mr. Röhrig...

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