Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Who Wore It Best?

The actor Ben Hardy (see more here) is celebrating his 28th birthday today on the back of his biggest hit to date - Bohemian Rhapsody, a truly godawful movie, is nonetheless a box office smash having just strutted past 700 million dollars this weekend. Hopefully watching it inspires at least a few people to go read about the real Freddie Mercury, nothing like that film's ugly miserable concoction.
Sidenote: BR is getting dropped on blu-ray in about five weeks and they just announced today that the film's one highlight, the Live Aid performance, will be on the disc in full. So you can just watch that and skip everything else. (Or better yet just go watch the video of the real Queen's performance!) But that puts the BR a shocking full 150,000,000 above Hardy's previous Bryan-Singer-Joint, the shoulda-been-way-more-successful X-Men Apocalypse, which had Ben picking up his pair o' wings off of the previous Angel and Also-Blonde-Ben Ben Foster. But hmmm I do wonder if we've got an opinion on who wore those wings best...

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Anonymous said...

X3: The Last Stand and Apocalypse were both trash, and both versions of Angel were complete afterthoughts.

Jason Adams said...

I do not disagree