Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thom Talks Suspiria Stuff

For Thom Yorke's 48th birthday back in October of 2016 I did a list of "My Five Favorite Uses of Radiohead Music in Movies" where I hit up stuff like Clueless and Romeo + Juliet but wanna know what's even better than me rambling about such things? Thom Yorke himself rambling about such things. (An eternal truth if ever there were one.) And that's just what happens in Thom's chat with Variety about his first score for Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria - they ask him what uses of Radiohead music he's liked in other people's movies and here's what he says:

"There’s been a few that make me go, “I wish I wish we’d done that.” There was an old sequence in “Vanilla Sky,” where they used “Everything In Its Right Place” that we really liked. There was a use of “You and Whose Army?” in some independent movie — I can’t remember the name now — which had me in tears, it was so good. [Editor’s note: He may mean Denis Villeneuve’s “Incendies.”] Generally, when it works, it’s the coolest feeling. I think my all-time favorite film now is “Children of Men.” They use a little tiny bit of “Life in a Glass House” during the Michael Caine sequence. I love the film so much, and then the fact that our music is in it is like “Wow, f—ing hell!”"

I mentioned two of those myself, but I've still never seen Incendies somehow - really gotta get on that. Anyway the Variety chat is full of fascinating stuff - he says that David Fincher was trying to get him to score Fight Club! (The Dust Brothers eventually did it.) Thom also dives deep on the process of working with Luca, and of getting advice from his band-mate Johnny Greenwood, who's pretty well-versed in the process now what with several Paul Thomas Anderson scores under his skinny belt. Go read the whole thing! And then go tell everybody you know that the song "Suspirium" should be nominated for a goddamned Oscar, please and thanks. And yes I am otherwise ignoring today's news that a limited-edition vinyl record of previously unreleased Suspiria music is being released next month because I just now read about it a whole three hours late and that shit is already sold right the fuck out. Dammit...

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