Friday, January 25, 2019

Jake ♥ Tom

Three more pictures from Velvet Buzzsaw hitting da' net this afternoon (via) and my suspicions concerning homosexual shenanigans between Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Sturridge within this movie are feeling more founded by the frame. Every wispy whisker of Tom's art-stache is screaming HUMP ME, GAY BOY, and I love it.

(See more of Jake and Tom hanging out this week right here, by the way.) See all of our previous coverage of this film, hitting Netflix in JUST SEVEN DAYS, at this link. Specifically you should watch the nutty lil' trailer right here, and then there is our dissection of its queer possibilities right yonder.

The film actually premieres at Sundance on Sunday though, so I imagine we'll be hearing opinions thereupon before then - stay tuned to tweets from that movie palace in the white winter sky soon, and I'll try not to loathe every one of them seeing it as best I can. At least we'll have Jake on instagram being goofy this time through...

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Anonymous said...

In the great tradition of "Ang Lee's Gay Boy", where everyone stays straight no matter how many times they fuck Jake Gyllenhaal?

Michelle Williams tingles!