Friday, January 18, 2019

Hey Where'd Your Hair Go, Alexander?

Do you guys remember when Alexander Skarsgård shaved himself some male pattern baldness last year for a movie role? Well the movie, called The Hummingbird Project, now has a trailer and... sure enough he's sure bald. He's definitely wearing a fat suit too. Ahh the strains for being taking seriously. The film's from Quebecois director Kim Nguyen (he made War Witch a few years back) and co-stars Jesse Eisenberg...

... who's getting to come off as "the cute one" in this strange one-time scenario (I wonder if Jesse had bad Lex Luthor flashbacks) and also starring a silver-haired Salma Hayek (okay okay she's "the cute one") and it's out on March 15th. Watch the trailer now, please:

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Mads said...

The movie itself isn’t all that, but Skarsgård is actually REALLY good in it. I saw at London BFI “on accident”, and was almost blown away.