Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Good Morning, World

Here's a nice little flashback that I fell upon while doing last Friday's "Five Frames From" post - John Krasinski in Sam Mendes' way seriously super underrated 2009 film Away We Go. Talk about a movie that's held on - every time I see a woman pushing a stroller down a New York City street I think about Maggie Gyllenhaal's line about "pushing my baby away from me" and every couple of months I think about how robbed Melanie Lynskey was of an Oscar nomination for her work in this movie. (See also Maya Rudolph.) A modern classic in need of rediscovery! Here's my praise-soaked review from way back when. Any fans?


Simon said...

I loved this movie and yes Rudolph should have garnered an Oscar nod. I told a friend of mine to go see this movie on her first date with a guy. Now they are married with a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Ha - those are exactly the two things I most think about with this movie, too. Plus just how adorable Krasinski and Rudolph were together.