Friday, January 25, 2019

Cowboys Will be Cowboys

There's not a whole lot new in the movie theaters this weekend -- although Serenity, which I reviewed earlier, is fairly fucking bonkers and might be worth a curious look-see if you go into it with a drink, or twenty, inside ya -- so you might be better off avoiding the cold, staying in, and watching Jacques Audiard's The Sisters Brothers, which officially hit streaming this week. I mean to re-watch it myself -- I reviewed it way back in September but I haven't seen it since, and yet it's haunted my brain an awful lot in the intervening months. Loose images -- sunlight shimmering on a stream-bed, drifting curtains, swaying trees -- that sorta thing. And of course the beautifully rendered bond of friendship and maybe possibly more than friendship that Jake & Riz give life to -- I think whatever it is going on between John Morris and Hermann Kermit Warm (still not over that astonishing name) is one of the year's most indelible things, and I'm dying to revisit it, contemplate it and test out its borders and such. There just wasn't a name for what they were feeling back then, is my sensation.

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Anonymous said...

Not that they couldn't fuck openly for your sake, but the adaptation had already changed the novel. Daddy issues, deja vu, taking a chance on...early doom.