Monday, January 07, 2019

Buzzsaw Me But Good, Boy

The second image from Velvet Buzzsaw, Jake Gyllenhaal's re-team with Nightcrawler writer-director Dan Gilroy, was released over the weekend (click to embiggen; thx Mac) -- you can see Jake and his haircut and socks there sitting beside the actress Zawe Ashton, who had a small role in Tom Ford's film Nocturnal Animals as well as being a regular on Toni Collette's series Wanderlust (I can't believe I still haven't watched Wanderlust, you guys). See the first pic from the film right here.

Also news of note today -- Velvet Buzzsaw is supposedly hitting Netflix on February 1st, a brief 25 days from now, which is a thrill! Our boy Joe Reid rounded up all of the movies hitting Netflix in 2019 over at Decider and delivered us that news - VB will premiere at Sundance a few days before that on January 27th and then stream its way into our bedrooms right quick. The film (we told you about it previously) is an art-world thriller slash satire of some sort, and also co-stars Rene Russo and John Malkovich and Toni Collette and Tom Sturridge (about to be on stage with Jake, just referenced earlier today) as well as our boy Billy Magnussen, and might I just interject an "feel free to totally make out, Jake and Billy" right here...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, this was perhaps the worst movie in Jake's movie history. I usually agree with your reviews but in this case, this turkey was served under done, poorly written and was a mess from start to finish. He looked good naked with a laptop. That is the best I can say.

Jason Adams said...

Okay but this isn't a review, I haven't reviewed the movie yet :)