Friday, January 11, 2019

10 off My Head: Dunk Me To Hell

Earlier this morning I made mention of my current Channel Zero obsession. If you're unfamiliar (and you might be given how under the radar this show's been even for me, a horror nut) it's a season-long anthology series on SyFy that's currently on its fourth. So far I've watched the first season (an incredibly strong run of six episodes subtitled Candle Cove and starring Paul Schneider & Fiona Shaw) and I'm a little over halfway through the fourth, having skipped the middle ones, which I'll spin back to next. 

Anyway in the fourth episode of this fourth season, which I just watched last night, there is a weird and scary scene that happens in a high school swimming pool, and as I watched it unfurl a sudden laundry list of "Horror Movie Swimming Pools" popped into my head. They're very much a thing! So why not list some of my faves? Why not, indeed.

10 of the Scariest Swimming Pools in the Movies


It Follows (2014)

The Fan (1981) (see more here)

High-Rise (see more here)

Shivers (1975)

Cat People (1942)


There are of course tons more....
So what are some of your faves?


MovieNut14 said...

I would've had the original Poltergeist on here. (They used REAL skeletons in that scene, for crying out loud!)

Jason Adams said...

LOL I don't disagree --- I just chuckled at the thought of using Part 3 instead :)

magusxxx said...

The Legacy (1978)

Scot said...

Swim Fan

Anonymous said...

Burnt Offerings