Monday, December 10, 2018

The Poet Doth Protest Too Much

Shakespeare in Love is turning 20 tomorrow and in its honor I'm re-pitting it against its age old foe, Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, with this week's "Beauty vs Beast" at The Film Experience. Click on over to vote! I love both films but have come to prefer the former, since the hysteria that met Shakespeare's Oscar win over the years has been a wee bit much, quite honestly. 


Pierce said...

16 War Pictures won the Oscar for Best Picture. That's quite enough. Molly Haskell once analyzed the two types of movie that win Best Picture: They like big, loud epics and that includes war pictures and musicals, or personal stories about the little man who overcomes a difficulty, like Rocky or Marty. If you think about it, she's right.

Anonymous said...

Label Joseph Fiennes, not his brother!!

Unfamousl said...

My choice for the best movie of 1998 is: Out of Sight.

Anonymous said...

SIL over SPR, definitely. SPR has two amazing war sequences and a good performance by Tom Hanks. But the script makes no sense (how could Matt Damon's character be the framing device when he wasn't there for 95% of it?), and the supporting characters are all one-note.

SIL is good/great/exquisite on every level. Even Affleck is perfectly well cast and fits right in. Dench's and Paltrow's Oscars might be a bit overkill but it definitely earned Best Picture.