Monday, December 10, 2018

King of the Posters

I know we're getting the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer some time today and I should wait for that but eff it, this movie's gonna be worth two posts in one day, and this new poster (via) is pretty enough to have its own moment. I've watched the first trailer for this movie dozens of times since it was dropped a few months ago - I could probably play-act it out from memory at this point. Needless to say my enthusiasm is up Mothra tall, y'all.

ETA I said all that about Godzilla being worthy of two posts earlier but now the trailer is here and I'm indecisive about whether I should even watch it or not! Perhaps I should forsake more footage, keep the spoilers at bay? Oh who am I kidding, I won't be able to hold off too long on this, but in the meantime I'll just share it for you people right here:

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Anonymous said...

I'll probably go see it, but sure do miss the wonderful rendition of Clair De Lune that accompanied the first trailer. That was the one that got me excited to see the film. Kind of wish they had left it at that.