Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Jesse's Girl

I should've known that aiming for a hotness height of Nicholas Hoult when it comes to the male lead in a Charlie Kaufman movie was a fool's wish... but I'm a fool for Hoult, what can I say? And I mean this as no slight to actor Jesse Plemons, who it was announced today is in talks for the lead dude opposite leading lady Brie Larson for I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Charlie's new movie that Netflix is financing - I find Jesse Plemons terribly talented, and I look forward to him starring in a Charlie Kaufman movie. It's just Charlie is like the art-house version of King of Queens sometimes - a crowd of Impossibly Hot Ladies (Brie Larson! Catherine Keener! Michelle Williams!) surrounding a schlub (Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Doughy Pockmarked Nicholas Cage!). It'd be nice if Charlie thought about subverting this once, is all. But a leading role for Jesse is exciting, so whatever! Don't listen to me, I'm terrifically stupid.


Matty said...

TBH I always thought of Jesse as one of those actors that's not that good looking but is a good enough actor to convince you he is. I certainly thought he was in USS Callister and Other People.

Jason Adams said...

Oh yes he was totally cute in Other People! I had written an entire second paragraph of this post but deleted it when I realized I was just rambling about Jesse Plemons' looks (mentioning how he's Kirsten Dunst's babydaddy etc) and that really wasn't where I wanted to take this - I was talking more about Charlie's inclinations than I was intending to judge Jesse Plemons, hot or not wise.

Anonymous said...

Not just Charlie's. That's most of Hollywood. Look how many not-conventionally-attractive male stars there are versus female stars. It's so annoying.