Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Wheel of Brie's Fortune

This post is not about the new Captain Marvel trailer, although I have included that down below because as long as we're here! I haven't watched it myself and am unsure whether I'll bother - I'm convinced that I'm seeing the damn movie already, I don't need to spoil any more than the first trailer did. Anyway we are here for Brie Larson though, because she's getting ready to use her Marvel downtime for good - she's about to sign on to co-star in Charlie Kaufman's next movie for Netflix! Kaufman hasn't directed anything live-action since Synecdoche New York, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary a couple of weeks ago, so this is seriously overdue. (Of course he did have the stop-motion Anomolisa in 2015, too.) 

We told you about this project way way back in January (Charlie News always moves at a glacial pace) -- it's a book adaptation, of a book called I'm Thinking of Ending Things, ad it's about a dude who takes his girlfriend home to meet his family, all while the girlfriend is considering what the title says, ending things with him. From there it swerves into some sort of thriller, I think? I don't know I haven't read it but it sounds like it goes weird, and I should probably get around to reading it now. Brie will play the girlfriend, while the boyfriend role is still apparently up for grabs. So I just googled actors that are Brie's same age (born in 1989) and you know who's my pick? Nicholas Hoult. He just proved himself wildly game for an outré stylist with Yorgos Lanthimos. Any better suggestions?

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Dave S said...

The book is good, and I'd say it's very open to adaptation. (The central idea is solid but there are some literary things that can't be replicated, so there's room to play around.) For this particular character, my top pick is Johnny Flynn. But if Larson is in, they're getting bigger names than I expected. How about a John Gallagher Jr./Short Term 12 reunion? Or Miles Teller, actually.