Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ezra Miller Ten Times

I don't have much in the way of hopes in a high nature for this weekend's latest Potterverse installment The Crimes of Gingerbread or Gingivitis whatever the hell it's called - as long as there are many, many shots of Jude Law in his tweed trousers shot from the back I'll probably be satisfied. In all seriousness I don't remember anything about the first Fantastic Beasts movie. Not a lick, nor whit. 

But I've got my tickets for Friday night nonetheless - the things we do to to make sure we use up the money we've already spent for our movie theater subscriptions. Let's hope there's fun to be had, Jude's ass to be ogled, and Ezra here (pics via) is allowed to inject a whiff of camp to the proceedings, as is his clear wont. Hit the jump for the rest of this for him extremely tame photo-shoot...

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Trent said...

He's so god damn gorgeous.