Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Good Morning, World

Don't you hate it when you wake yourself up from a nightmare about how sexy you look without a shirt on? Me too! Poor François Arnaud - you're too sexy for sleep!

Anyway these shots are from the second season premiere of Midnight Texas last week - I still don't watch the show but I will still scour every episode for François to post and this week's a doozy, they have him repeat this morning routine three separate times over the course of the episode. 

It's as if a dictate came down from the studio over the summer - find excuses to get François out of his clothes more and you're renewed. In related business I actually became Director of Programming at NBC this summer, so congratulations are in order.

Anyway it's Halloween, everybody, so let's get to 'weening! Hit the jump for the rest of these gifs (which include François running around in boxer briefs in front of bookshelves and some light self-bondage because, you know, I said so)...


MTMSLG said...

I have no idea what the blazes that show is about (I'm thinkin' True Blood light?) but I watch it for the truly SWOON-worthy Arnaud! (Some of the rest of the cast are yummy too! And I there's a gay angel . . . I know, right!?!)

Gabe said...

Let's see--in Midnight, Texas, there's a vampire, an assassin, a werewolf, a fallen angel, a former neo-Nazi, a witch, and my favorite, a talking cat. Arnaud plays a psychic who has the ability to see and talk to spirits, as well as absorb them into his body. The premise of the show is all those weird characters banding together to protect their small town from evil forces. The first season was ... entertaining, I'll leave it at that.

Y said...

He's full frontal in Permission.