Friday, October 12, 2018

Good Morning, World

A happy 50th birthday to Hugh Jackman today! I know a lot of you will answer "Logan" enthusiastically but you'd be wrong so I won't bother asking what you think the last good movie Hugh starred in was - kind of a mean question for a birthday wish, I do realize, but looking through his filmography this morning I was all, uh, yuck. No wonder Hugh's been off my radar for a bit. (For the record the last good movie he was in was Prisoners five years ago.) Maybe The Front Runner (Jaosn Retiman's movie about the Gary Hart scandal) will be good though! Fingers crossed. It's a good and timely tale. Anyway these gifs are from the 1995 TV movie (I think?) The Rat Tamer, which co-starred Hugh's enthusiastic wife Deborah Lee Furness. The whole thing is on YouTube. Hugh was 26 years young here!


par3182 said...

it was a one season drama series called corelli. debra-lee was an established actress and hugh was just out of drama school, so she had sense enough to snare him before the rest of the world discovered his gifts

Ditto89 said...

Did you not like 'Logan"?

Cuz that movie was tremendous.

Jason Adams said...

Logan was okay. I liked the little girl, and Patrick Stewart is never not good, but it just reeked of Try Hard off every frame. Insanely overrated.