Friday, October 19, 2018

13 Mustaches of Halloween #1

That's right! We're doing a Halloween series! I didn't think I'd have time this year what with the pile-up of Fall Festivals, but an easy-enough idea occurred to me, in keeping with a series we've been running anyway, and here we are - we'll be listing some of our favorite Horror Movie Mustaches between now and the big day! 

We haven't done one of these since 2014 if you can believe it - if you'd like to check out our old stabs at this CLICK HERE for the "13 Phones of Halloween" and you can CLICK HERE for the "13 Snakes of Halloween" and you can CLICK HERE for the "13 Whores of Halloween." And then in 2008 we went all out (ahh the passion of youth) with the "31 Sacrificial Virgins of Halloween" -- CLICK HERE for a full month of sexless nerds set for the slaughter. But now...

... it's time for the Mustaches! And what better place to start than the single worst fake mustache ever put on screen -- the one the cop in Sleepaway Camp suddenly shows up with towards the end of the film. That shit is just two pieces of gaffers tape stuck to his face. Earlier in the film this character...

... showed up with a perfectly normal person's real mustache. It's only in his re-appearance later on where the wretched fake comes with. The story unsurprisingly goes that the actor (Allen Breton) had a different acting gig while Sleepaway was shooting, which required him to shave, and since Sleepaway Camp had zero budget it's not like they could re-shoot. But you know what? That Gaffer Stache is still somehow better than Henry Cavill's CG'd off one in Justice League which cost that film millions of dollars. So it could've been worse, Sleepaway Camp.

... or could it?

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