Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Huisman of Hill House

I don't want to turn my few hours per day not inside NYFF screenings into 1) me talking about how busy I am with NYFF screenings and 2) a series of posts on trailers that've been released while I was in those screenings, but here we are and it's my second one of these today. Oh well. The least I can do as I catch up is also share that lovely photo of Michiel Huisman in a turtleneck and oh hey how about this gif of him in that Potato Peel Pie movie of his?

Jesus, this man is such a freak. I hate him. (I love him.) Anyway we're posting Huisman because we've got the trailer for the Haunting of Hill House series Netflix is premiering on October 12th to share, which has him opposite Carla Gugino and Oliver Jackson- Cohen and so forth, see our previous posts here. Watch:


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Anonymous said...

Goddamn it, if it's not THe Haunting of Hill House don't call it the fucking Haunting of Hill House. Yes-I saw the spinning car and the library steps and a few other iconic things. But there was no family in the story. If this is some prequel/sequel bullshit that really has nothing to do with Jackson's brilliant novel don't tell us it is.