Friday, September 21, 2018

Good Morning, Guzman

Hello! I know I have been a neglectful parent this week so I'm just letting you all know right up front today that I;'m here all day long today, and I'll try to be a good productive blogger, make up for lost time. Like this -- let's wish pretty little boy-next-door Ryan Guzman a happy 31st birthday today with a dozen plus gifs of him in his underwear on that lasted-one-season-long Piper Perabo show called Notorious. I guess Ryan's on Ryan Murphy 9-1-1 show now? Why am I not surprised that Ryan Murphy got ahold of him? I'd love him to show up on AHS sometime! Making out with Finn Wittrock, preferably. Anyway hit the jump for the rest of these and let's get this day rolling the right way...

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