Friday, September 21, 2018

Boyd Holbrook Seven Times

Looking at these new shots of the actor Boyd Holbrook (via; thx Mac) have reminded me that I saw the new Predator movie this past weekend, or in terms of how I measure my life right now in the middle of the press screenings for the New York Film Festival... approximately ten whole movies ago. Haha as if I have bothered to remember what the hell happened in the Predator movie! Let's see if I rack my brain I remember some grody piles of guts, I remember Trevante Rhodes smiling (swoon), and I remember wondering why Olivia Munn had to get naked, twice. (Seriously thin gruel of an excuse, movie.)

I also remember not really hating the movie like some people have though - it was perfectly fine. It felt very 80s and Shane Black made it funnier than it had any business being. Oh and those dog things! They were terrible. Anyway as fascinating as this stream-of-half-consciousness has been for everybody, I am sure, let's just put this sucker out of its misery (meaning this drearily rambling post) and hit the jump for the rest of these pictures of good ol' Boyd...

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