Thursday, September 13, 2018

All The Boys Go To War

I was watching The Young Lions on TCM last night - if you're unfamiliar The Young Lions is a 1958 movie set in Tunisia during WWII that stars Marlon Brando (as a bleached out Nazi) and Montgomery Clift and Maximilian Schell, and reader, it is sexual. (See some pictures we've posted before right here.) They're all punching each other in uniforms and sweating in their bunkers - typical homoerotic military movie stuff.

Anyway I thought of that movie upon reading the news this morning that (openly gay) director Roland Emmerich has just hired Darren Criss to co-star in his upcoming WWII movie called Midway, opposite the previously announced Luke Evans and Patrick Wilson and Woody Harrelson and Ed Skrein and Aaron Eckhart and Dennis Quaid and, uhh, Nick Jonas. I can't imagine why I thought of a bunch of sweaty beautiful men in uniform. I just... did. So there's a movie to look forward to! To tide us over hit the jump for a couple more from this Esquire shoot of Darren...


Anonymous said...

Is Roland hoping a big orgy will spontaneously erupt on set? That cast is a serious collection of man-meat.

Aquinas1220 said...

Darren Criss is not in enough films or television. Someone give this man more work!!!