Monday, September 10, 2018

Aaron's Come to Play

It seems like there have been two things being said on repeat from the Toronto Film Festival this past week -- that every single movie that's screened has been amazing, or that every single movie is full of penises. Basically, my point is, this obviously should have been the year I went to Toronto. Oh well! I haven't heard anything about Sam Taylor-Johnson's adaptation of A Million Little Pieces yet but Vanity Fair spoke to her (thx Mac) about directing her husband - you know, Aaron - and we got this tidbit:

"Sam also decided to show her husband fully nude in an opening sequence featuring Frey at the depth of his addiction, thrashing about in a drug den in trippy slow-motion. Sam explained the choice was a practical one: “Right at the beginning of the movie, we had to really show him at a point so far removed from himself that there’s no awareness. There’s no awareness of his nakedness, there’s no awareness of what he’s doing is . . . there’s just a sort of loss of self and being in a room full of people just stripping down and wild. . . . So that kind of opens and gives you immediately the sense of, ‘O.K., he’s completely lost and self-destructive.’ . . . I guess, with the first scene, that nudity and nakedness and rawness was us literally trying to show we’ve stripped him completely bare of anything, everything. And yeah, and this is him.”

When I heard that Chris Pine was doing the full-frontal thing in Outlaw King I have to admit I was a little bit like, "Well what about his co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson?" So this news brightens my morning. There's room for everybody's dicks, hooray!

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