Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Bet You Think This One's All About You, Nina

If you're not rooting for Mary Elizabeth Winstead you haven't been paying attention - she's been doing some of the best work every time up she's gotten up to bat for awhile now, and at the Tribeca Film Fest this past spring she gave what is maybe probably her best of the best in All About Nina, which has her playing a dark-edged stand-up comedian; read my review right here. A couple weeks back we told you Nina is hitting in September - the exact date is September 28th, and now we've got a poster (see that here) and a trailer. A trailer...

... that shows off some of the film's greatest assets. Heyyyy, Common. You also get a sense of the humor and the pathos writ deep in the movie's bones, which is thanks to first-time filmmaker Eva Vives, who we should clearly be keeping an eye, or all our eyes, on. Anyway go scribble this one down furiously in your calendars, folks. It's cannot miss. Here's the trailer:


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