Monday, August 13, 2018

The Not So Secret Now History of Hollywood

Even though they came out seven years apart I personally read Tab Hunter's autobiography right around the same time that I read bisexual pimp to the stars Scotty Bower's book, and so they're pretty mashed-up in my head. That's not that weird, given the fact that they're both about The Closet in Classic Hollywood. And then they each got turned into buzzy documentaries, too. Anyway it seems Hollywood itself has them mashed up in their minds as well because not even a month after announcing a film is being produced about the secret romance between Tab and Anthony Perkins comes word that Bowers' book is itself being bio-pic-ized

The director of the Bowers documentary is producing the bio-pic but that's all we've got so far, name-wise; still it's a pretty juicy chance given all the huge Hollywood stars that Bowers says used his services - Rock Hudson, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (!!!), oh and that threesome Scotty says he had with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. Not to mention that Bowers himself was movie star handsome - it'd be a killer role for an up and comer. Who might you cast?


MJL said...

Matt Barr as Scotty

MJL said...

Spencer Boldman needs a role too — he’s got the 40s/50s movie star look down

triggerua said...

Til Schweiger.