Monday, August 13, 2018

Pic of the Day

First things first I just want to point out that my issues are between me and my religious advisers (read: the alcoholic "paranormal investigator" I dated for thirty-six excruciatingly awesome hours in college) and y'all without sin can stick those stones right up your butts before you even thinking about throwing 'em. That's my religious advice. That said! That right there is the first image of Shia LaBeouf in character for director David Ayer's next movie called The Tax Collector, and... I am so into it I'm gonna need a moment. Click the image, it embiggens, just like my therapy bills are gonna be doing real soon. Read more about the movie here.


Daniel said...

Yeah that pic is dirty as all hell and is DEFINITELY helping me wake up this morning... if you catch my drift... DAYUM!

Rusty said...

looks like cosplay of that funky white...rapper? performer? that was so stink he made his fan puke