Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Look For The Fog

Asking me to choose my favorite John Carpenter movie would be like asking me to choose which of the many penises growing off of my body I like the best - I love them all! It depends on my mood! But there among the best of the best stands his 1980 ghost story classic The Fog, starring Jamie Lee Curtis with her mom Janet Leigh, and a never better Adrienne Barbeau as the DJ Stevie Wayne - just that name gives me happy place goosebumps - who warns us to "look for the fog." And we do! And we shall - the film has just gotten a big-time 4K restoration and it's going to play The Metrograph theater here in New York as well as a slew more theaters across the country just in time for Halloween. They even released a trailer!

If you want more details here's the 
entire press release after the jump...
New York based Rialto Pictures will release John Carpenter’s landmark horror movie THE FOG on October 26, in its first-ever major restoration. The horror classic, in a full 4K restoration from Studiocanal, opens October 26 for limited runs at the Metrograph, in New York, Landmark’s Nuart in Los Angeles, and The Music Box Theatre in Chicago.

Additional screenings will occur during the week of Halloween throughout the Alamo Drafthouse circuit and other specialty theaters.

Carpenter’s first post-Halloween venture into the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired, apocalyptic vein that he would continue to mine in films like The Thing (1982) and Prince of Darkness (1987), THE FOG depicts the seaside California town of Antonio Bay in the grips of an ancient curse and a creeping mist. Drenched in malevolent atmosphere and packing an ensemble cast that includes Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Hal Holbrook and the mother-daughter duo of Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis, this is the director at his ingenious, chilling best, servicing a contemporary taste for gore while simultaneously evoking the spirit of Val Lewton.

Out of theatrical release for years due to faded, unplayable prints, THE FOG can now be viewed again as it was intended, with the restoration of its breathtaking color cinematography by Dean Cundey (Escape From New York, Back To The Future (I-III), Apollo 13, Romancing The Stone), who deftly captured both the daylight beauty of the Point Reyes shore and the ghostly goings-on in the dark, eerie night.

“The Fog has been our most requested title for as long as we have handled the Studiocanal library here,” according to Eric Di Bernardo, Rialto’s director of sales. “It is Carpenter’s most visually alluring film and we think it’s been worth the wait.”


Matty said...

What I always find interesting about this movie is how I (and clearly you and many others) love it, but Jamie Lee has gone on record multiple times saying she really finds The Fog to be terrible and doesn't understand its appeal. I've wondered for some time why exactly she finds it so bad.

Jason Adams said...

Matty -- I've totally missed her saying that! Weird, I wonder why.
Somebody should sit her down Clockwork-Orange-style

Anonymous said...

From the opening campfire scene to Adrienne "why wasn't I the most famous woman in the world" Barbeau's monologue, this is a perfect old-fashioned ghost story. Which might be why some people don't like it. It's like an M.R. James story transplanted to late seventies/early eighties California directed by a slasher pioneer. If I had kids, this would be the movie I would show them several years before they were really ready for it.

shaun said...

I love this movie so much. You know, though, Jamie Lee's character doesn't get to do a whole lot, especially compared to Halloween. Also, there's something a bit weird about her hooking up with our hero (not that I wouldn't have done the same with him;). I wonder if her comments reflect more her assessment of her character and what she was allowed to do within the confines of the movie. When I think of the movie and why I love it, she fades into the background. Maybe she feels the same way and doesn't like that, which fair enough. Just my musings.

Sam said...

I am actually very excited for this, and I will be at Metrograph when it opens. This came out at the height of my Jamie Lee Curtis crush, which continues to this day. She's just fuckin gorgeous.