Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jamie Dornan Nine Times

I was racking my brain trying to figure out why Jamie Dornan was doing press (he's on the cover of GQ Mexico with this photo-shoot; thx Mac) when I remembered he is in the Robin Hood movie with Taron Egerton. You can watch the trailer here but don't expect much Jamie - they really have not been highlighting his presence - hence my forgetfulness.

If I was the PR company running this show I'd be bromancing Taron & Jamie up every which way -w e all know how good Taron is at staring sweetly while moistening his lips in the presence of male beauty. Well i guess we've still got two months until the movie's out - hear my cries, Robin Hood PR! Hit the jump for the rest of Jamie...


Anonymous said...

Besides "Robin Hood", also HBO movie "My Dinner with Herve", Marie Colvin biopic w/ Rosamund Pike "My Private War", BBC 3part drama "Death and Nightingales" - all fast approaching.

MTMSLG said...

So swoon-worthy and workin' his beautiful butt off! Thankfully, the soccer-mom soft core porn of 50 Shades didn't sideline his career!