Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I Am Link

--- Monster Smash - The buzz on the Predator reboot seems awfully buzz-less right now, doesn't it? I know we're all a little buzzed-out by reboots but Shane Black is a smart writer director (with a history with the franchise to boot) and it's got a killer cast and I don't care, I am buzzing dammit. (See the trailer here if you missed it.) So I will link you to this batch of new pictures from the movie whether you want them or not - come for clear shots of the monster, stay for sleeveless Trevante Rhodes and Boyd Holbrook in military pants.
--- Video Killed the Video Store - This piece right over here on what we lost when we lost video-stores is a real deep dive and I will admit I got a little impatient with the passages about Netflix algorithms, as is my wont, but man alive it made me nostalgic for my high school and college days (this would be in the mid 1990s) working at a video-store. I learned so much getting lost in those aisles, picking up piles of tapes every night of things I'd never heard of, of things my co-workers recommended, of things that just looked insane. 
--- Bye Bye Barbara - I don't want to say that I am personally responsible for the death of Barbara Harris but I forgot to wish her a happy birthday last month like I usually did every year is all I am saying. Kidding aside she was a gem, a true gem, who perked up every movie she popped up in (I really want to re-watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels now - I can't believe both her and Glenne Headly are gone now) and you should read our pal Nathaniel's piece on her at The Film Experience right now.
. --- Ghost With Most - This was a nice little surprise yesterday - IndieWire chatted with The Changeling director Peter Medak about that 1980 classic yet deeply underrated horror movie starring George C. Scott. I don't know why they chatted with him but they did and I wish more placed would just randomly call up folks on stuff like this. (ETA Oh wait the interview happened because a new blu-ray of the film came out earlier this month. Nevermind. It's still a nice perk to hear from a veteran once in awhile anyway.) 
--- Investigation Open - There was an awful lot happening in the news yesterday so perhaps you missed the word that Veronica Mars is being rebooted? I very nearly almost did myself and I am what some might consider, in the parlance of nerd-dom, a Marshmallow. Anyway "rebooted" is probably not the word - revived is the right word - since it will star original star Kristen Bell, as well it should since KB remains one of our most charming and under-utilized actors around. The series will air on Hulu. 
--- Jazz Hands of July - I had to live vicariously through the Bob Fosse film festival diaries of Difficult People star and fire-headed funny lady Julie Klausner posted at The New Yorker this week, since I crapped out myself and missed all of the films when they screened at The Quad last month. I would've loved to have seen All That Jazz on a big screen, I never have, and there are a couple of Fosse's movies that I still have never seen. Specifically Sweet Charity and Damn Yankees...

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