Monday, August 13, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Staches

There are two quality mustaches in John McTiernan's action masterpiece Predator but Carl Weathers never calls anybody "slack-jawed faggots" so he wins - stick that up your sore ass and chew it like a cigar, Jesse Ventura. In all seriousness I stumbled upon this fun examination of the film as an extended AIDS metaphor this weekend over here and y'all should give it a spin!

There are a few bits that're probably over-thought but I prefer overthinking movies to the opposite. Clearly. We've been doing it for fifteen years. In related news it's one month until The Predator is out! (Watch the trailer here.) How great is it that the original film's "Hawkins" aka writer-director Shane Black is directing this one? I hope he does her right.

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