Monday, August 06, 2018

Good Morning, World

You know how the legend goes that it was the death of Judy Garland that was the proverbial straw that broke Dorothy's back with regards to the Gay Rights Movement? Well I feel like if they don't show James Wolk's bare butt in Tell Me a Story I'm gonna be throwing some bricks - maybe James Wolk's Bare Butt (or the lack thereof) can be the start of a new age of civil disobedience? Whatever it takes! Oh by the way here's the trailer for Tell Me a Story, Kevin Williamson's new series (previous posts here) starring Wolk and Billy Magnussen and Kim Catrall and Paul Wesley and so forth...

I'm just guessing off of the images we see in there but I feel like this series might at least be in part a dream that Billy Magnussen is having? Every moment we see of Billy involves him in really different seeming lighting and a bedroom. I might be thinking about this too much, I might be totally off base, but given the story is being sold as "a modern twist on fairy tales" that would be a very Alice in Wonderland thing to do, and I giggle at the thought of Billy Magnussen as our Alice.

Oh and this trailer involves probably my favorite edit of all time...

A male stripper's thrusting crotch cutting directly 
to James Wolk's face? Don't mind if I do! Thanks, show!
Tell Me a Story premieres on Halloween!


Forever1267 said...

There's a Shirtless! Sam Jaeger in there, too!

Anonymous said...

Paul Wesley is so much hotter with that beard!