Thursday, August 02, 2018

Do Dump or Marry: Spies For Dumping (Or Not)

It's too good to pass up an excuse to play our favorite party game "Do Dump or Marry" when along comes a movie with "Dump" in the title and three hot dudes in the cast, wouldn't ya say? The Spy Who Dumped Me stars Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon as besties who accidentally get embroiled in espionage shenanigans - starring opposite them in some capacity (I haven't seen the movie so I don't know where they all fit in yet) is the trio of Hasan Minaj (actor and Daily Show correspondent and seriously under-appreciated piece) and Sam Heughan (from Outlander, see more here) and Justin Theroux (former Mr. Jennifer Aniston and wearer of sweatpants, see more here) and y'all know what to do. Don't you? Hit the comments with which one you'd Do, which one you'd Dump, and which one you'd Mary. There, now you know!


MovieNut14 said...


Do: Theroux (as The Leftovers has shown time and time again, he has a really nice butt)
Dump: Minaj (sorry!)
Marry: Heughan (I have a thing for the Scottish, and he also has a really nice butt from what I've seen of Outlander)

Bucky said...

Do: Heughan (because that accent and chest)
Dump: Theroux (because really bad tats)
Marry: Minaj (because hot and funny -- funny goes a long way)

Dougie said...

Do: Minaj
Dump: Heughan - curly headed pasty guys are not really my type
Marry: Theroux - he's a nice guy, as recent news revealed that he is besties with Queer Eye's Fab 5

Matty said...

Do Hasan Minaj cause he hot
Marry Justin Theroux so I can do him every night
Dump Buff Alfie Allen

Dame James said...

DO Theroux (He could be a douche but he's a HOT douche)
DUMP Heughan (Meh)

Gabriel Braga said...

Do Theroux (cause that sweatpants tells me we’ll have a nice time),
Marry Heughan (he’s just gorgeous.. that furry-muscular chest, the face, uff.. hot as f*ck!)
Dump Hasan (just because i have to.. he could probably join me in the “do” or in the “marry” anytime he wants)

Carl said...

Do: Sam (he's kind of an oaf but still)
Dump: Theroux (he's a total DILF though)
Marry: Minaj

Joey said...

Literally can't decide. Do 'em all!

Alton said...

Dump twinky Minaj: he does nothing for me.
Do DILFy Theroux: he's looking a bit haggard these days, but still very bangable
Marry Sam: I want to knit him a sweater and make him breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Honestly dump Justin and minaj
Do and marry: sam. He's so hot I cant handle

David said...

This one is a little tough.

Do: Sam. That big furry chest and the accent. [swoon thud]
Dump: Hasan. Sorry, he's so very cute but I can't find a single shirtless picture of him on the interwebs and I thinks he's a little too smooth and twinky for me.
Marry: Justin. I'll take Jen's sloppy seconds. I've had a hard-on for him since Six Feet Under.