Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Good Morning, Gratuitous Chris Pang

Our half-week celebrating the hot pieces of Crazy Rich Asians (out tomorrow) hits its own personal hump day today - in case you missed our ode to actor Pierre Png and his incredible edible abdominal muscles yesterday hit here - with our second of our three. Chris Pang plays Colin, the groom in the extravagant (you have no idea) wedding that has brought everybody to Singapore in the first place. Colin is the best friend to our leading man Nick (Henry Golding) and he seems like a solid dude... and yes I mean solid in all the way, every one of them.

I'll be reviewing CRA properly tomorrow probably but yes I have seen it and the heterosexual female friend that I brought to the screening was into Chris here the most out of all the hot dudes in the movie, so this one's for you, Heterosexual Female Friend. Hit the jump for a couple dozen more pictures...

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