Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Redhead Across the Way

Truth be told you really can't have too many redheads in one place at one time, so I'm pretty psyched to read that Julianne Moore is going to star opposite Amy Adams in a movie! The sky will bleed ginger that day, my friends! And not just any ol' movie - I posted about this one before but here's the gist: Joe Wright, director of Hanna and Anna Karenina (note that those are his two films out of many that I choose to highlight), is making a thriller called The Woman in the Window (based on this book here) and it sounds real Copycat like. Or, I suppose, Rear Window like. But with a chick instead of Jimmy Stewart and agoraphobia instead of a cast. Amy Adams plays a psychiatrist who can't leave her house who witnesses a crime - Moore will play the mother of a young boy who lives across the street and I think is involved with said crime. Basically Julianne Moore is our Raymond Burr, I am guessing. I see it!

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Joey said...

I listened to the book on a long road trip. It's fun, but campy. I'm surprised by the amount of talent behind it, to be honest. The lead is obsessed with film noir so that should be fun!