Monday, July 23, 2018

Good Morning, Lil' Papi

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Good morning to Lil' Papi and Lil' Papi alone.
What did y'all think about the first season of Pose? I came to really love the show, although I wasn't sure I would at first - they seemed to figure out what was working (Angel and Pray Tell), what wasn't working (Damon), and what could be angled towards its best possible self (Elektra and Blanca), as the season rolled along. The latter two exemplify the thing I came to like best about the show, and weirdly it's usually what cripples Ryan Murphy Productions - the campiness of Elektra and the old-fashioned genuine sweetness of Blanca (she's straight outta Fame... or even further back a weepy melodrama from the 1930s) shouldn't mesh well but somehow the tonal inconsistencies of this show became a benefit; I suppose it's the inherent performativity at its heart, with its ballroom interludes, that allows for the mood shifts from moment to moment to feel one with the whole. Anyway I'm glad it got renewed - I wanna spend more time with these characters. Especially Lil' Papi (Angel Bismark Curiel) and Ricky (Dyllon Burnside, more here)...


Ryan T. said...

I thought it was great. Love, love the found family aspect and yes the "clash" of Elektra and Blanca could've been a landmine, but instead it was fireworks.

YES TO LIL PAPI AND RICKY. Or as Pray Tell calls them... ""Sexy Bad Boys Hanging out at the Port Authority." HEE!

Carl said...

I felt similarly: I was so skeptical of Ryan Murphy producing a show that I would like, especially with this material, but came to really love it (and only give RM credit to the extent that he picked good collaborators). I liked Damon, though--maybe not always the most interesting character, but his character accomplished what it needed to in terms of introducing us to the ball scene, and he and Ricky are adorable together.

MTMSLG said...

Loved it. It really got under my skin. A lot of the dialogue was amazing and revealing. Great joy and heart were on display in every episode. And DAMN can Billy Porter and MJ Rodriguez sing!

Mike Johnson said...

I was nervous about this show, especially after it recast the sublime Tatiana Malay as Helena. However, I fell in love with Charly ne Woodward who, in her too few scenes, commanded the screen. I totally agree with Jason on everything. I wanted to slap Damon every episode, hug PrayTell, Blanca, and Angel, and would live to get read by Elektra. Plus, shirtless Chris Meloni...the show was an embarrassment of riches.

Mike Johnson said...

Sorry, Tatiana Maslany. You do not misspell the name of a queen.