Monday, July 02, 2018

And Then There Was The Funky Pope

I read today's news that a second season (if that's what you wanna call it) of Paolo Sorrentino's The Young Pope is moving forward - I suppose "series" is more accurate because it will be called The New Pope and it will star John Malkovich besides Jude Law, who is returning - and I realized that we never properly discussed The Young Pope here, probably because I was crazy late to the party and only plowed through it a couple of months ago. That said I should've taken the time to crow my love and all the adulation, because holy hell pun intended was it one of the finest runs of television ever produced. (I did do a couple of posts dedicated to Jude Law being hot, see here and then see here, because priorities.) Anyway have I got any fans in the house? And how perfect a fit does Malkovich sound for the world that's been created already? Cannot wait.


squeezit said...

Jude Law was born to play this part; the entire production was mind-blowing, so inspired.

MTMSLG said...

Skewering religion is such a taboo, but this show hits all the right notes. LOVED it. Only wish they made better use of Diane Keaton.