Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good Morning, World

So have any of you been watching The Young Pope? I think it's still only airing overseas at this point and then it airs here in the US in the next couple of months but that's never stopped any of us before now, has it? I myself started the first episode at a bad moment and couldn't focus and so I have set it aside for another day - that's no judgment on the little bit I did watch, which seemed right about in line with my expectations for an ostentatious blasphemy from the filmmaker behind The Great Beauty. Anyway just like last time we're all here for the half-naked Jude Law so go ahead and hit the jump for ever-so-slightly more of that...

(thx Mac)

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squeezit said...

I've seen all 8 episodes I can get my hands on and think it's brilliant - and an award-winning performance from Jude Law. Can't wait until the January US release via HBO to watch again and get the subtleties I've missed; much of the show is in Italian which hasn't yet been sub-titled. Stunning production.