Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Your Day in Crotch Shots

Well the day is young and who knows what we'll see before it's through but for now here first thing this morning I've got a soothing pair of pictures of Actors We Adore putting their best face (not face) forward -- there first is Armie Hammer via this chat with the actor at Vogue. He's talking about the play he's about to perform on Broadway called Straight White Men, we told you about it previously here. That show starts on June 29th and I am praying I can sneak in somehow. And speaking of theater...

... we've got a new shot of Corey Stoll's leather-clad Iago from Shakespeare in the Park's current run of Othello, which the New York Times gave us astride their review. (Thx Mac.) We posted several pictures of Corey in costume the other week - click here to see them. I have seen half of the show - the night I went the second half got rained out. I'm going to try to win the lottery again to go back and watch the rest but I'm waiting for this little heat-wave we're in the middle of to pass... although the sweatier the better to watch Corey in those pants, maybe...

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