Thursday, June 28, 2018

Good Morning, World

A happy 46 to Alessandro Nivola, one of our favorite actors working today and who is having a very fine 2018 - among three great performances he was still my best in show in Disobedience (read my review right here), a movie that could've easily glided past his character's inner workings but which Nivola brought vividly to life. Then his part's small but vital, with its elements of surprise, in Lynne Ramsey's You Were Never Really Here, a movie a lot of critics are calling the best of the year so far. And on the producing side his movie To Dust was a big success at Tribeca - here's my review from there, where I adored the film. I will of course let you know about that film's release date when it gets one. (Fingers crossed that it's before the end of the year - I wanna see it again!)

Anyway these stills you see here are from Junebug, the 2005 movie that brought us both Amy Adams and the confirmation (along with Laurel Canyon) that Alessandro has got the world's best bum. I have looked everywhere, top to bottom, so I know - it's the best. Coming up next for Nivola (and his perfect bum) - there's Red Sea Diving Resort which has him opposite Chris Evans and Michiel Huisman and I have fainted, I have absolutely fainted. Okay, dusting myself off - also he's got a movie called Weightless, which has him reuniting with a teenage son he never knew and which co-stars Johnny Knoxville of all people? Here are two pictures of Nivola from the film:


Anonymous said...

I feel like I have posted this before, but Googling for photos of Alessandro is how I discovered MNPP many years ago! Best ass ever.

Did you see where he and others were posting old photos from their college production of Jesus Christ Superstar:

Jason Adams said...

I missed that, thanks for the heads-up Anon! I have made it my mission to post EVERY AN picture there is. I practically have at this point. But these are new