Monday, June 25, 2018

Cheers to Kathy Bates

One of our finest living actresses Kathy Bates is turning 70 later this week, and so you should head on over to The Film Experience for this week's "Beauty vs Beast" - yup, it's a Dolores Claiborne-off. Anyway Stephen King being so hot right now I hope all the people adapting him look back to this movie once in awhile to see how it's done. It's a prime and under-rated example.

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ernesto66 said...

I don't think of it just as a prime example, for me it's the best of all of them. IMDb says there are currently 265 Stephen King adaptations floating around out there, and in my opinion this one tops them all. For me it is the only King that completely wears its heart on its sleeve (or even has a heart to wear), and the depth of its feelings for each of its characters moves me every time I see it.

Others are certainly scarier but none of the rest draw me into their stories the way "Dolores" does, starting with its incredibly quotable script, to its graceful direction and through the amazing performances from each of the cast. You identify with all of the parts in turn, especially Dolores and Selena but even Mackie and Vera, so when they expose parts of themselves you hadn't seen you maybe see new parts of yourself. In their redemptions you can see your own.

Don't get me wrong! It's only a movie and I am only a big movie queen. But it's a beautiful reminder of how great the medium can be when it's done really well, and one I could watch again every few months for the rest of my life.