Monday, May 21, 2018

Wilson's Eye is on Charlie's Cox

This is last week's news but nobody's ever accused us of being on top of things (minds out of the gutter, people!) -- I don't think this has been confirmed by anybody but on Wednesday DH reported that word was going around that Wilson Bethel's character on Daredevil will end up being the villain Bullseye. You know, the dude that Colin Farrell shaved his head to play in the terrible movie with Ben Affleck. It'd make sense that the show finally gets around to Bullseye, him being one of the hero's most vital villains and all. 

The reason they're not sure is his character has previously been reported to be an FBI agent named Steve and none of those things have anything to do with Bullseye as he's been previously imagined. But hey we're all grown=ups here - things can be changed! It isn't actually illegal. Anyway I barely made it through The Defenders and I haven't watched any of Iron Fist or the second season of Jessica Jones yet so what do I know? Besides the fact that if Charlie Cox is put in something I will always make the time and if he's not I might not, I mean. 

Daredevil is shooting here in NYC right now; I keep seeing shooting location alerts on Twitter. And the second season of Luke Cage's hits Netflix on June 22nd, so I guess I should get around to catching up on Jessica Jones before that. But I don't have to watch Iron Fist, right? Please don't make me. 

If you're not familiar with Wilson Bethel he's been bouncing around several TV shows for a few years - most people first took notice of him on the show Hart of Dixie because he took his clothes off a bunch. Since then he's done The Astronaut's Wives Club and How To Get Away With Murder and such. We posted about him when he almost got the role that ultimately went to Jai Courtney in the last failed Terminator movie - we also posted this lovely bunch of pictures of him I recommend giving a look-through. (pics via)

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