Thursday, May 24, 2018

When They Go Solo We Go So High

I'm not hip enough to get invites to press screenings of the big blockbuster movies (yet) so I'll be seeing Solo in the theaters with the rest of you normals this weekend - you'd think that Alden Ehrenreich's people would've gotten in touch given the seven years of free publicity I've been bestowing upon him, but per usual I'm just jerking off in the breeze! They forget us so quickly. Sigh.

Anyway (besides a quick post going up tomorrow) I am off now until Tuesday -- y'all can use this post's comments to 1) tell me what you thought of Solo, or 2) how about even better to "Do Dump or Marry" Alden along with his co-stars Donald Glover and Paul Bettany...?

Sure, why not, let's...


John T said...

Marry Glover, Do Alden, Dump Paul. Is it weird that this was shockingly easy for me?

Jason Adams said...

I feel bad, I think poor Paul is gonna get a raw deal in here, but oh well


Matty said...

Do Low Budget Finn Wittrock
Marry Dong Lover
Dump Bettany

AxFromMN said...

Do Dong Lover, Marry Joonas Suotamo (woefully missing from this Do Dump Marry), Dump Alden and Paul

Anonymous said...

None of the current Star Wars franchise male actors are conventionally attractive to me.

Anonymous said...

Jason, your list is correct.

luc said...

For once you were the apple of mine eye Pual you are now dumped for younger men. DO Donald Marry Alden.

Anonymous said...

I am loving "Dong Lover". I hope it sticks.
I refuse to play in your reindeer games... I'll take all three, freshly showered and draped in linen.

David said...

I agree with you, Jason

Do: Glover
Dump: Bettany
Marry: Alden