Friday, May 25, 2018

Dougie Fresh Meets Frankenstein

I know I said my goodbyes for the four-day weekend yesterday but I have one more thing to share - my review of Mary Shelley, the bio-pic of the Frankenstein author starring Elle Fanning and Douglas Booth here as her saucy poet husband Percy, went up at The Film Experience this afternoon and you can read it right here. The film is out in theaters today but I saw it several weeks back at the Tribeca Film Festival - unless I'm randomly inspired (which is always a possibility given my haywire brain) this will probably be my final review from this year's fest and so next week I'll try to do a round-up where you can see everything I reviewed this year. For now though go read that one, and then come back and hit the jump for a few fresh pictures of Dougie to keep you company over the holiday...

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