Monday, May 07, 2018

Let's All Fall For Ben Whishaw Again

Last October we told you about A Very British Scandal, the upcoming film from the BBC from director Stephen Frears (and Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies) about a real-world gay political scandal in the 1970s that'd star Hugh Grant as the Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe whose affair with the male model Norman Scott - played by the greatest openly gay actor of our times Ben Whishaw - got big headlines in its day. Well the movie's set to air in the UK later this month, and we have a trailer! Watch:
Per usual I'm not sure when this will make its way stateside 
but I'll keep you in the know as best within my piddling powers!


tanpoffel said...

Has Whishaw been working out? Where did that skinny chicken breast of him go?!

Anonymous said...

Like Timothee, Wishaw is not much to look at - painfully skinny, flat-chested, well at least to me, but these guys are mega-talented actors!