Monday, October 02, 2017

A Dream is a Whishaw Your Heart Makes

I don't know how the two-part series Man in an Orange Shirt did for the BBC ratings-wise but I think it got some good buzz for them (especially via my big trap here) and I think their next gay project will get even more -- they've signed Ben Whishaw and Hugh Grant on for A Very English Scandal, which will tell "the real-life story of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe’s desperate attempts to keep his relationship with model Norman Scott a secret." (thx Mac)

Grant - whose very first big movie role was playing gay in my beloved Maurice for James Ivory in 1982 - is playing Thorpe, and Ben is playing Scott, while the whole thing is written by Russell T. Davies (aka the man who gave us Littlefinger going to town on Charlie Hunnam) and directed by Stephen Frears. High pedigree gay stuff, people. Stay tuned for more on this - it doesn't air until next year.


MovieNut14 said...

Ooh, I didn't know that Russell T. Davies was writing it. My interest has been piqued even further.

Anonymous said...

Yaaass I love these two