Friday, May 04, 2018

Juliette and Her Romeo

Alright it's Friday and I have to go hang out with my bestie Juliette Binoche for a couple of hours - keep track of my Instagram if you don't believe me! - so I'll see you piddling not-Binoches later. In all seriousness I am very much looking forward to seeing Claire Denis' film Let the Sunshine In a second time - I saw it at NYFF in the fall and never reviewed it because it kind of slipped between the busy cracks (otherwise known as "me seeing Call Me By Your Name twenty times") but I think, or at least I vaguely recall, finding it really interesting. We will see. You stay tuned! Bye!

PS Tomorrow is my "I Quit Smoking" anniversary 
and you know what that means... seriously, stay tuned!

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